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Trailers & Storytelling
When creating trailers, producers and directors always struggle with how much of the story to reveal: how much is too much? For many years in Hollywood, climactic scenes from movies were never included in trailers, the rationale being that if you show too much in the trailer, you don't pique moviegoer interest and, as result, no one shells out money for theater tickets.

In recent years, a contrary philosophy has predominated: producers and directors now think that trailers should tell the full story. If moviegoers like the plot they'll be more likely to go to the theaters.

For SKULL & BONES, we aimed for something in between. We wanted it to be clear that S&B was a gay-themed revenge fantasy cum slasher. We wanted to give viewers a sense of the film's visual style while giving them an earful of the movie's soundtrack. We also used text -- "two homos...bored out of their minds" -- to establish the film's logic and its darkly humorous tone.
What To Show?
For a film like SKULL & BONES, another consideration concerned the amount of explicit content to feature in the trailer. How to attract those moviegoers who appreciate shocking content while not showing too much and compromising the shocking merits of the film itself. Spencer Schilly, the editorial consultant who created S&B's trailer, judiciously included just enough of the edgy content to scare aware the romantic comedy crowd while leaving connoisseurs of freakish displays hungering for more. We even used some footage that never made it into the final film.
"I had, and have, a dual role in the production of SKULL & BONES: I shot the film and worked with T.S. to create an appropriate visual style and I also produced the film, working on the shooting schedule, scouting locations and securing financing.

Now that Ariztical Entertainment has released the film, my primary concern is marketing SKULL & BONES: making sure that the film's audience is aware that SKULL & BONES exists and that it's right up their alley."

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